Champlain Series – Sakahàn

Lee-Ann Martin & Paul Hady


In 2012 I received an invitation from Greg Hill, curator at the National Gallery of Canada and one of three curators for the 2013 exhibition Sakahàn, to take part in community-related events for Sakahàn. I suggested renewing my Seize the Space project at the Champlain monument. We agreed on four separate sittings during the summer-long run of the exhibition. The sitters ranged from gallery personal, artists in the exhibition, and people attending the exhibition, to tourists and people happening by.

2013 also marked Samuel de Champlain’s 400th anniversary arrival in the Ottawa area. But, more important for me, it was also the 400th anniversary of the Two Row Treaty, an agreement of peaceful and respectful coexistence between my Iroquois ancestors and the emerging Dutch settlement at present-day Albany, New York. Each participant in my project received a print and the opportunity to submit information about themselves and the project. Two hundred and forty people took part in my project.


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Champlain Series: Sakahan


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