VISITOR INFORMATION: Opens at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa


Along with artists Lise BeaudryMichèle Pearson Clarke, Martie Giefert, and Morris Lum my work is part of the exhibition Visitor Information.

From the Robert McLaughlin Gallery: 

This exhibition brings together five Ontario-based artists who engage with various photographic processes to investigate the social histories of land, architecture and institutions. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the RMG, the gallery invited each artist to produce a new project that grapples with the shifting nature of Oshawa’s social, economic and technological fabric.

Drawing from accounts of Oshawa that range from its under-acknowledged history as a site of Indigenous occupation to the inescapable dominance of the 20th century auto industry, from explorations of familial archives to representations of institutional tech hubs, this exhibition weaves together narratives of Oshawa that offer a distinct view of the city, one produced by its visitors and its residents alike.

A catalogue was produced for this show that runs until September 19, 2017.

More information here.


My work for the show consists of panels and an accompanying travelogue about the locations in the photographs, from Oshawa, to Albert to St. Louis.

  1. Travelogue: Oshawa, Ontario. 
    September 21, 2005, 11:34 am,
    parking lot of Leisure Lanes BowlingI made an unplanned stop this morning to photograph a train idling on a bridge over Highway 401. While waiting for the train to move I had an unexpected encounter. I was watching a flock of small birds fly towards me and I just happened to click the shutter release on my camera as they passed by. After landing in a small tree near me, a small hawk fled into the tree and came out with one of the birds in his talons. The hawk landed by my fet, bug when I moved I frightened the hawk and it lost its grip on the bird. Both birds flew away. I also noticed a crow flying overhead, maybe waiting to steal the hawk’s meal. There was a message in this encounter and it inspired my journey to find the Birdman.


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