ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 9th and Final Entry about encountering unexpected places

Graffiti under the MacArthur Bridge in St. Louis, Missouri Travelogue Endnote: After I had finished photographing the MacArthur Bridge with Buffalo Robe, we resumed driving to the river boat dock, and that is when I noticed a concrete wall covered with graffiti art. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The falling rain saturated the colours and I had to stop and record the site. (N38 37.369 W90 11.003) I [.....]

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 8th Entry and my encounter with Columbus in Syracuse, New York

Monuments to Christopher Columbus and Little White Lies The last day of our road trip included a stop in the Onondaga homeland, Syracuse, New York. For my 1992 road trip, my first stop was Columbus, Ohio, where I planned on photographing the new Christoper Columbus monument but the weather was not cooperative and the monument was not that interesting. While planning this road trip I thought it would be a good idea [.....]

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 7th Entry and Pre-Contact shell gorget

Mississippian Indigenous cultural artifacts at the University of Southern Illinois  I have seen the bird man discs. This image shows me holding one and I am basing my new work on it. It was quite an experience to actually it. My search for the Bird Man was inspired by my powwow work. I wanted to see how far back in time I could trace the evolution of the feather bustle worn by traditional dancers. My [.....]