ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 9th and Final Entry about encountering unexpected places

Graffiti under the MacArthur Bridge in St. Louis, Missouri Travelogue Endnote: After I had finished photographing the MacArthur Bridge with Buffalo Robe, we resumed driving to the river boat dock, and that is when I noticed a concrete wall covered

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 8th Entry and my encounter with Columbus in Syracuse, New York

Monuments to Christopher Columbus and Little White Lies The last day of our road trip included a stop in the Onondaga homeland, Syracuse, New York. For my 1992 road trip, my first stop was Columbus, Ohio, where I planned on photographing the n

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 7th Entry and Pre-Contact shell gorget

Mississippian Indigenous cultural artifacts at the University of Southern Illinois  I have seen the bird man discs. This image shows me holding one and I am basing my new work on it. It was quite an experience to actually it. My search for

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 6th Entry and my encounter with the ancient Birdman

The Birdman and Pre-Contact Mississippian culture Part of my St. Louis journey included research with objects produced by the Mississippian mound builders, and I had my chance at the University of Southern Illinois in Edwardsville. I was invit

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 5th Entry at a hidden urban mound then onto the World Heritage site of Cahokia

Contrasting hidden urban mounds with the World Heritage site at Cahokia During my time in the St.Louis area I was given a car tour of mound sites in St. Louis and East St. Louis. There is a group lobbying to preserve all the mound sites in the

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 4th Entry at the Ohio Valley Serpent and Hopewell Mounds

Visiting the Ohio Valley Serpent Mound and the mound at Hopewell Buffalo Robe visits the Ohio Valley Serpent Mound: April 25, 2015 @ 11:00 AM, N39 01.440 W83 25.773. Later in the afternoon of May 25th, 2015, Chief Red Robe posed for me at the H

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 3rd Entry at the Serpent Mound in Ohio

A stop to photograph the Serpent Mound in Ohio State As part of my recent road trip, I visited the famous Indigenous made Serpent Mound in Ohio on the drive home from St. Louis. It completed an idea that began taking shape when I visited the Serpe

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 2nd Entry with Buffalo Robe at MacArthur Bridge in St. Louis

Buffalo Robe posed by the MacArthur railroad bridge in St. Louis This site was discovered while we were looking for the Riverboat dock the day before our tour. It was a significant for me because I had a reoccurring dream, for several years, in wh

Indian figurine on Mississippi river an

ST. LOUIS ROAD TRIP: 1st Journal Entry

  St. Louis 2015 new chapter of "Seize The Space" I recently completed a long awaited road trip to the St. Louis, Missouri area to study the ancient and indigenous made earth mounds. I also brought along my friend Buffalo Robe, who did some sights

On The Road with Birdman

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